I recognize that long-term care planning may be a complicated and emotional topic, which is why I would like to discuss any questions you have over LTC and anything else you’d like. If you are having second thoughts or believe you are not ready to plan out LTC, watch Dave Ramsey’s The Myth Surrounding Nursing Homes video below.

Just a bit of food for thought. Did you know that insurers now apply discounts to applicants who meet health qualifications? A natural study just found that 67% of applicants between ages 40-to-49 qualified for the discount. For ages 50-to-59, 52% had qualified and as for ages 60-to-69, only 42% qualified. The savings can be significant, so take advantage.


Another study found that over two-thirds (70%) of all long-term care insurance claims paid for care at home or in an assisted living community. Think about it, you would have the ability to remain in your own home—or live where you want—without feeling as a burden to loved ones is the greatest benefit provided by LTC insurance.


Did you grow an appetite to learn more? Get an idea on the annual cost of LTC with our Long-Term Care Calculator. Don’t forget, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me (without any obligation) by email or phone.


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